Symbian Dwarfs Android and iPhone, Ships 298,000 Handsets Every Day

Symbian Dwarfs Android and iPhone, Ships 298,000 Handsets Every Day

With most of the focus on Android overthrowing BlackBerry to take top spot in the US smartphone market and Apple’s huge worldwide launch of its iPhone 4, you would be forgiven for ignoring Nokia and its Symbian mobile operating system.

With the aim of demonstrating just how much pull the Symbian operating system has in the worldwide smartphone market, the Symbian Foundation has released some very interesting statistics, publicising that the the operating system was shipped on a massive 27 million devices in Q2 2010 alone.

27 million handsets shipped equates to almost 300,000 units a day, 207 every minute or just over 3 every second. The numbers are increasingly more impressive when you factor in that Google recently announced that 160,000 Android devices are being activated every day, Symbian nearly doubling that figure.

If you take the focus to Apple and compare Symbians numbers with the amount of iPhones Apple sold in Q2 2010; 8.4 million iPhones sold means almost 93,000 per day, a third of Symbian’s output.

Even though Symbian’s US market share continues to fall, these figures certainly prove that Symbian is still a worldwide superpower.

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