Samsung Patents Idea For Tablet With Front And Back Touchscreens

Samsung Patents Idea For Tablet With Front And Back Touchscreens

If you look at the array of tablet devices available today, most will have a prominent front-facing touchscreens that allow for input. Samsung is looking to turn this idea on its head, recently filing a patent for a dual-touchscreen device, a tablet that has a touchscreen on the front and the back of the tablet.

Unwired View uncovered Samunsg’s new patent application, detailing a “Mobile terminal having dual touch screen and method of controlling content therein” and from the associated diagrams it looks as if you would have to be pretty dexterous to use it:

As we already know, Samsung is already developing an Android-powered tablet named the Galaxy Tab, a single touchscreen device. There is no indication of whether Samsung intends to make its idea a reality, afterall a large amount of patents never see the light of day.

Could you see a practical use for a dual-touchscreen tablet? Let us know in the comments.

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