BBC Begins iPad Trial, Aims To Improve Efficiency And Eliminate Waste

BBC Begins iPad Trial, Aims To Improve Efficiency And Eliminate Waste

The BBC is currently running a limited trial with the Apple iPad to test whether it can help eliminate paper waste whilst improving the efficiency of its staff.

The BBC’s UK production, location and technical departments have been provided with an iPad in an attempt to facilitate their work whilst on the move, also supplying managers with the tablet device to reduce the reliance on desktop computers.

News of the trail came to light after BBC CIO John Linwood spoke to Computing, a UK based magazine, where he mentioned the iPad would help employees when needing to look up important information on location:

“If a support engineer gets called into a studio, it would be handy to have a device where you could look up circuit diagrams or software help files,”

While the BBC are looking to test the effectiveness of the iPad, a spokesperson for the corporation also highlighted the fact that the company was also trialling a small number of tablet devices from other manufacturers.

With most other tablet devices currently on the market running Windows 7, we guess that the ultimate decision will be based on whether the BBC want to promote creativity and simplicity by choosing the iPad or whether a device can support external storage and offer a desktop experience familar to the user.

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