Manual Android 2.2 Update For Motorola Droid Now Available

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If you have been waiting to update your Motorola Droid to the latest version of Android but cannot wait for the official release, a manual way to update your Droid is now available and is very easy to install.

The direct download is the same firmware version that is being rolled out over the air. This means that you will be updating to the official Droid release, not a buggy and untested update that has been circulating over the internet.

Before you update, make sure to check for updates on your device first. Now that the official update is starting to roll out across handsets, you may find your handset might get the official update early.

To furnish your Droid with Froyo goodness, head over to Nexeo, follow the instructions and you should be up and running in no time. Remember to backup your device before upgrading and make sure you have enough battery charge before undertaking the upgrade process.

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