FaceTime Over 3G Becomes A (Jailbroken) Reality

FaceTime Over 3G Becomes A (Jailbroken) Reality

Macstories is reporting that FaceTime will now work over a 3G connection, courtesy of an update to the popular jailbreak app My3G, an app which fools iPhone devices into believing they are on a WI-FI connection when in reality it is actually using 3G.

The update takes the software to version 4.1 which now includes support for FaceTime, one toggle and you are able to make FaceTime calls using your 3G connection.

To reiterate, you will need a jailbroken iPhone for this to work. The My3G app is available on alternative software repository Rock for $3.99 or via ModMyI’s repository in Cydia priced at $2.79.

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