iPhone Owners Love AT&T In Fit Of Confusion

iPhone Owners Love AT&T In Fit Of Confusion

According to a new research poll conducted by Yankee Group, the vast majority of iPhone owners in the US are quite content with the service that AT&T provides them and their phone.

The study found that 73% of iPhone owners are “very satisfied” with AT&T. That is over the national satisfaction rate for mobile carriers which runs 69%, and a 5% margin over the national average for AT&T, which is 68% satisfaction.

While you may be quick to wonder if they are using the same AT&T that you are, there is some reason to the madness, or at least an explanation. According to Electronista:

Analyst Carl Howe explained the approval as another instance of a halo effect created by the device: subscribers “transfer the high gloss” of the iPhone to the carrier and are more willing to forgive any perceived flaws.

That breaks down to mean that because people love their iPhone, they are giving their service provider, which renders their phone unusable much of the time, a break. AT&T must be laughing all the way to the bank, that they can get away with being as bad as they are, and still have happy customers.

This must be that reality distortion web we keep hearing about, right?

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