Google’s Nexus One Store Closes Its Doors

Google’s Nexus One Store Closes Its Doors

Last week, we warned readers that if they were intent on getting an unlocked Nexus One handset direct from Google, they should get a move on. Google had received its last shipment of the device and after that, the store would close.

That day has come.

If you head on over to the Google Phone website, where the Nexus One was exclusively sold, you will be presented with a notice informing you the device is no longer available via the Google website:

Many think that Google’s Nexus One was a failure, especially as sales were limited to online purchases only. Personally, I think Google saw the writing on the wall early on, it needed to help establish Android as a emergent force in the mobile operating system market. If you look at how widespread the OS has become, you can’t deny the search giant has achieved that.

If you want to get yourself a Nexus One handset, you can still order direct from Google’s mobile partners, more information here.

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