RIM Teases Customers With BB6 Flavored Tweets

RIM Teases Customers With BB6 Flavored Tweets

RIM has been stepping up its game as of late, dedicating much of its marketing efforts to help publicise BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) by way of television ads, poster campaigns and a full on web assault.

It appears that RIM is shifting its strategy, just a little, to encompass the upcoming launch of its new mobile operating system: BB6 (not to be confused with a previous season of Big Brother). Tweeting from its main Twitter account RIM posted a very suggestive tweet, suggesting something related to BB6 might not be too far off:

What will come of it is anyone’s guess. I think it could have something to do with a list of supported handsets, a sure way to wet the appetite of existing BlackBerry owners who are looking to get an upgrade and enjoy the new features the OS brings.

If you want to follow RIM’s BB6 news, follow them here or track the Twitter hashtag #BB6iscoming.

[H/T – Crackberry]

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