Droid X Owners Begin To Report Screen Issues

Droid X Owners Begin To Report Screen Issues

The launch of the Droid X handset couldn’t have gone any better for Motorola, the device completely sold out online with many bricks-and-mortar stores such as Best Buy and Verizon reporting stock shortages on its day of release.

Now that Droid X owners have had a little time to sit down, play and ultimately test their new Android phone, reports are starting to emerge of graphical and display faults becoming evident on the device. Users have taken to many Android-centric forums to voice their frustration as a result.

The main issues seem to centre around the Droid X’s 4.3-inch FWVGA LCD screen, users have reported flickering and even vertical banding on the device when in use. Pocket-lint stumbled across the YouTube video of one frustrated Droid X owner, highlighting to the rest of the world the issues that the device was suffering:

As it reads in the video description, the owner of this particular handset took it back to the store to get it replaced but will have to wait until July 28th for a new Droid X as the handset is still out of stock.

News of screen issues on the Droid X comes not long after the “Antennagate” debacle surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 4 handset. Whilst not nearly being in the same league as the iPhone 4, the Droid X was still one of the most successful Android product launches meaning Motorola will not be taking these reports lightly.

It looks like many users will be able to directly replace their handsets, suggesting that the issues could be isolated to a certain batch of handsets. We have contacted Motorola and asked the possible causes of the Droid X’s screen issues, we will update you as soon as we know more.

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