Want A Droid X? Good Luck, They Sold Out

Want A Droid X? Good Luck, They Sold Out

And people used to think that only Apple could create this much hype and consumer activity around a phone launch. To the contrary, the Droid X which came out yesterday is now sold out in nearly every location that was to carry it around the country.

It is completely sold out online, and in the many Best Buy and Verizon stores around the US, the phone is 100% out of stock. All of this on the back of Verizon promising the world that they would have more than enough phones for sale on launch day. It seems that the extensive stock of the phones that were on hand just did not keep pace with shopper demand.

If you still want a Droid X, and we know that you do, they should be back in stock this July 23rd. Until then, unless you are wildly lucky and live next to the literally handful of outlets that still have the phone, be patient. This is what Verizon had to say on the matter:

“This has been a very good day one for Droid X sales. Customers were in line at midnight in some markets, in other places there were lines when the stores opened and in other stores there has been a steady stream of customers. We have been successful at keeping up with early demand but at present inventory in some parts of the country inventory is either low or out. (It truly varies around the country.) Since we have weekly shipments planned, customers can still order phones and can expect them to be shipped on or before July 23.”

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