Android In Your Range Rover Sport? No Problem. [Video]

Android In Your Range Rover Sport? No Problem. [Video]

We’ve heard reports that Android was being used to power the internal computers of several different cars but an enterprising Android fan has gone one better and ported his Droid Incredible into the NAV system of his Range Rover Sport.

As you may or may not know, Range Rover includes its own dash computer and satellite navigation but in this video, its creator (going by the name yellowbrothersf) demonstrates the Droid Incredible’s ability to output via its TV-Out interface, attaching a GVIF cable that bypasses the internal OEM.

The phone’s screen is mirrored on the Range Rover’s NAV system and for the most part it runs flawlessly, except for some apps that had difficulty running in landscape mode.

The best part of this port is the fact you are able to use the device as a phone and receive data whilst driving. This means you can take calls (via loudspeaker or bluetooth when driving), stream music, listen to podcasts and even update your social statuses (when not moving).

I’m going out on a limb here and suggesting all major manufacturers incorporate this functionality into its onboard NAV systems, let users connect whatever device they own and have it output on a much larger screen.

[Thanks – AndroidGuys]

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