GiffGaff Bucks The Trend, Keeps Unlimited Mobile Data

GiffGaff Bucks The Trend, Keeps Unlimited Mobile Data

GiffGaff the UK-based MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) owned by O2 has gone against its parent and has decided to keep offering unlimited data as part of its normal voice offering.

Mike Fairman, GiffGaff’s CEO stated “We have to be careful that customers don’t just migrate over to us because we haven’t capped data, which is why we are constantly reviewing it.”

The company doesn’t seem too worried as GiffGaff customers are offering guides and kits to cut normal SIMs into micro-SIMs (which fit into iPhone 4’s and iPads) via the GiffGaff forums.

GiffGaff, though operating independently from O2, is fully owned by Telefonica Europe (O2’s parent company) and was founded by Gav Thompson who is head of brand strategy at o2.  Continuing to offer unlimited data plans comes from GiffGaff’s ability to make its own operational decisions.

The company is trying to position itself as a social network as users get credits for signing-up new users up and get free services to other GiffGaff users.

GiffGaff is trying to be innovative and growing their user base (of which numbers are currently unknown), only time will tell if they succeed.

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