Motorola Droid X 720p Footage Hits The Streets

Motorola Droid X 720p Footage Hits The Streets

The iPhone 4 is out, time for everyone to cast their eyes to the next big smartphone release. After the launches of the HTC Evo 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S, the pretender to the smartphone throne is now the Motorola Droid X, a superfast Android handset capable of delivering 720p video content.

MobileTechWorld came across some new footage showing off the video capabilities of the Droid X’s camera ability and from the limited shots we have seen, the results are pretty nice:

The Droid X has an 8MP camera with Dual LED flash and auto focus so would you expect the device to be able to deliver high quality imaging and video. MobileTechWorld also suggests that the firmware and associated software on the device will only be at a beta stage meaning the quality could be significantly improved by the time the handset is released.

Does high quality video factor into your plans when you choose a new handset? For me, it was one of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 4. Having a 5 month old son, it’s great to be able to capture those funny moments and play them back with significantly improved video quality.

The Droid X not only looks nice, it will be launched on Verizon (much to the delight of AT&T haters) and has a very similar specification to the iPhone 4, I expect this handset to easily be the best selling Android smartphone this year.

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