Maxroam gives global phone and data service on the cheap.

Maxroam gives global phone and data service on the cheap.

As global as we all might be, we’re still bound by mobile carrier lines and restrictions.  Roaming is probably the largest concern of any globetrotting mobile user, and it’s something that almost everyone has to pay attention to at one time or another.

Maxroam is helping you to worry a bit less.

Maxroam comes in three flavors.  You can buy a SIM card for your unlocked GSM phone, your can buy a phone and SIM package or you can pick up a mobile broadband card.  It’s (relatively) cheap, it’s easy and it’s as disposable as you’d ever want.

Presently, Maxroam covers over 250 countries worldwide, with mobile data coverage in over 200.  Of course, over time, that network is going to grow.  There, of course, is no contract and you can add minutes as you need them.  Pretty handy stuff for those who travel a lot, or even just once.

As you’re packing, give Maxroam a look.  The company has phone and SIM packages that start at €79.00, which makes it incredibly affordable to keep connected where ever you are.

There are some other options.  GoSim offers similar services, though apparently only for SIM cards and not phones/SIM combos.  WorldSim takes a similar approach to Maxroam, though their phone offerings focus on locked and SIM-free choices.  TruPhone is another offering, and seems to have a wider country selection than Maxroam does at present.

Regardless of what company you choose, there are lots of great options, and Maxroam is one of them.  We’re really impressed by their phone selection, and it seems that they’ll be a player in the global roaming market for as long as we have to deal with it.

Many thanks to Sam Sethi for the tip, and rustybrick for the image.

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