Nexus One Hits Vodafone This Friday – Pre-order Now

Nexus One Hits Vodafone This Friday – Pre-order Now

The wait for Google’s Nexus One ‘superphone’ to spread its wings to a network outside the USA is over – it hits Vodafone UK this Friday.

Until now UK customers have had to buy the phone SIM free at full price. Now the phone will be available for free, if you don’t mind commiting to a length contract deal. Vodafone is offering it at no cost on a 2-year, £35 monthly price plan. A range of 18-month and two year plans are available with savings if you’re willing to stump up some of the cost of the handset.

Interestingly, the phone will be available directly from Vodafone in stores and via telesales. Until now the Nexus One model has been to sell it directly from Google.

You can preorder your Nexus One via Vodafone today and the company hopes to get handsets delivered by 5 May. If you prefer to grab the phone direct from Google at full price SIM-free, check our guide to purchasing the Nexus One in the UK, published back in January when the phone first launched. Meanwhile, the very similar HTC Desire is also available in the UK on a number of networks.

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