Android continues to dominate US smartphone growth

Android continues to dominate US smartphone growth

The most recent comScore report tells the tale that Apple doesn’t want to hear.  Android growth in the US market is outpacing the iPhone by more than 5:1.

While RIM still holds a hefty 42.1% of all smartphone use in the US, Apple’s growth has slowed considerably over the past few months.  Since November, Apple has shown a loss in overall users.  Though only 1/10th of 1%, that loss gets clarified when you look at the numbers for Android.

Android devices are held in a very solid 9% of all smartphone users’ hands as of February of 2010.  That number means a 5.2% growth since November of 2009.  With upcoming changes to the Android Market and the recent 2.1 rollout for Droid users on Verizon Wireless, these numbers are likely just the beginning.

The 2.1 dispatch for Droid users is only worthy of noting when we look at overall manufacturer numbers.  The Motorola logo graces a very respectable 22.3% of all handsets in the US, the Droid included.

Other numbers of interest include continued increases in text messaging and mobile browser use.  These coincide, of course, with the recent report of data traffic surpassing voice for the first time on US carriers.

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