Microsoft Drops The “Series,” New Phones To Be Called “Windows Phone 7”

Microsoft Drops The “Series,” New Phones To Be Called “Windows Phone 7”

Sure, Microsoft thinks the number seven is sent from above, and Windows 7 is still an odd name, but we now can all grimace less whenever we discuss Microsoft’s upcoming phone series.

They improved its name from “Windows Phone 7 Series” to “Windows Phone 7.” A drastic upgrade. Not to put a flower in Apple’s cap, but their products tend to have one word names: iPad, iPhone, and so forth. Much simpler than Microsoft’s Windows 7 Ultimate.

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The Microsoft Windows Phone Team (@windowsphone) team even took the time to make a joke (after the jump).

While we not be able to actually touch these phones in the mass market until “holiday” late this year, we can all rest happy that when they do come out, and we buy them, our friends with iPhones at least won’t be able to give us too much grief on the name.

Still, Microsoft, why not just call it the “7”?

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