Nokia Bots: One Step Closer To A Fully Automated Smartphone

Nokia Bots: One Step Closer To A Fully Automated Smartphone

The team over at Nokia Beta Labs have released Nokia Bots, a set of intelligent widgets designed to automate everyday processes and intelligently adjust settings on Nokia phones to improve the user experience.

Comprising of four unique bots or widgets, each one discreetly learns how a user interacts with their phone, analysing specific habits to provide relevant suggestions and instigating different processes a user would typically have to manually perform.

Each bot has a unique purpose; Profile Bot is a widget that is able to automatically switch your profile to silent when you are in a meeting, Battery Bot will remind you to place your phone on charge at the end of the day, Alarm Bot will analyse what times you interact with your phone first thing in the morning and suggest different alarms just before you go to sleep, setting your phone to silent so you aren’t disturbed once you’ve dropped off.

Perhaps the most useful would be Shortcut Bot, a widget that monitors which applications are used most frequently, populating the most used shortcuts on your homescreen. If your app usage changes, so does the Bot’s output.

The beauty of the Nokia Bots is that they track a users habits, only initialising changes if the user has done it first.

Currently, Nokia Bots are only available for both Nokia N97 and N97 Mini smartphones, with the intention to release it for other Symbian powered handsets.

Take a look at the embedded video below, featuring Nokia’s Ari Tourunen showcasing how the Bots work:

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