Droids Going Android 2.1 Tomorrow – Get Excited?

Droids Going Android 2.1 Tomorrow – Get Excited?

Well, some Droids will be getting 2.1 tomorrow, but not everyone. According to sources who are dead keen on Android, some 10,000 Droids are going 2.1 tomorrow.

If you don’t get the upgrade, then hold tight. Some 200,000 will get the update on Saturday. Friday will be set aside to check for problems. Then in recurring batches of 200,000 the 2.1 update will roll to all Droid devices.

What is in Android 2.1 that you care about? Well, not much as it turns out, unless minor bug fixes and API changes get you all hot and bothered. But the good news is, the massive number of Droid users will be farther along the Android update list, keeping the Android community as cohesive as possible.

If you really must know, this is what is coming to your Droid. Android 2.1 (aside from bug fixes) has API upgrades to allow for or upgrade the following:

  • Live wallpapers
  • New and upgraded ‘view’ API features
  • New gelocation API features

Like we said, not much. Still, it will keep your Droid happy, and Google happier. Look for it soon.

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