Google Nexus One Arrives On Vodafone UK’s Website

Google Nexus One Arrives On Vodafone UK’s Website

Consumers in Britain are one step closer to getting their hands on Google’s superphone after wireless carrier Vodafone unveiled a new page on it’s website allowing customers to register for updates on the Nexus One device.

Whilst UK customers can still buy a high cost SIM-free Nexus One directly from Google, Vodafone are quiet about a pricing structure for the Nexus One with many interested in using the carrier as a way to subsidize the cost of the handset.

The launch date for the handset was thought to be around mid-April but the sudden availability of a dedicated Nexus One page and register for updates button, the release could be a little earlier than previously expected.

The release comes at an interesting time for Google and Vodafone considering the network is due to sell a non-Google branded version of the handset called the HTC Desire. This smartphone features the exact same hardware configuration as the Nexus One but is fully outfitted with an optical trackpad and HTC’s Sense software.

Android powered handsets are starting to emerge in the UK market but don’t enjoy the same amount of success as they do in the US. The two most high profile devices in the US, the Motorola Droid and the Nexus One initially didn’t find UK mobile carrier support or are still awaiting release.

Consumers interested in the device can visit the dedicated Vodafone Nexus One webpage, enter their details and wait for pre-order notifications and handset related news.

[Source – UnwiredView]

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