Google, Facebook Sued Over Mobile Social Networking Patent

Google, Facebook Sued Over Mobile Social Networking Patent

According to BusinessWeek, internet giants Google and Facebook have been sued by a New York-based company called Wireless Ink Corp.

The legal challenge is reportedly over a patent relating to software the allows people to interact with a social network using a mobile phone.

Wireless Ink Corp., the owner of a site called Winksite, claim Google and Facebook are infringing US Patent No. 7,599,983 which is entitled “Method, Apparatus and System or Management of Information Content for Enhanced Accessibility over Wireless Communications Networks.”

According to Wireless Ink, both Facebook Mobile and Google Buzz are using software technology that belongs to the corporation and in a complaint filed on Thursday, the company are seeking cash compensation and a court order to prevent any future use of the technology involved.

The legal challenge could impact both companies as they seek to assert their dominance in mobile markets. Google are looking to integrate their products into mobile applications, especially within the Android operating system.

Spokesmen from Google and Facebook have declared that the companies are currently reviewing the complaint filed against them by Wireless Ink, Facebook adding that “This suit is without merit and we will fight it vigorously,”.

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