Apple vs Nokia: Who wins? Check back in two years

Apple vs Nokia: Who wins? Check back in two years

Don’t expect peace, love and harmony in the smartphone world any time soon. An end to the legal squabbling between Apple and Nokia could be as far as two years away.

A quick summary: first Nokia sued Apple over alleged patent violations, then Apple sued Nokia over a different set of patents. In short, it’s a big old mess of corporations accusing each other of stealing ideas.

Now Reuters reports that newly filed legal documents show that the court date to resolve the situation could be set for “mid-2012”. That means two more years of bitching and back-biting between the two companies.

Of course, we could see an out of court settlement before then. However, given just how nasty the smartphone market has got recently (Apple is suing HTC too) we shouldn’t expect peace, harmony, rainbows and an end to the lawsuits any time soon.

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