YouTube Launches Mobile Ads in Japan and USA

YouTube Launches Mobile Ads in Japan and USA

YouTube Mobile is growing rapidly. With a 160% increase in mobile traffic through 2009, Google have been looking at ways to increase advertising revenue through this channel.

After some initial advertising trials with brands including KIA and the launch of District 9 DVD, today sees the launch of mobile ad sales in the US and Japan.

Taking a leaf from the main YouTube platform the principle form of advertising will be banner ads, like the example on the right. The benefit of banner advertising is the cross marketing from the main channel.

So, if Mazda run a banner campaign on the main YouTube channel, it is an easy and logical extension to roll it out on the mobile platform. Again, like the main site, advertising will be sold in daily chunks, rather than per thousand impressions.

This roll out will no doubt include the technology Google picked up with the late 2009 acquisition of AdMob. With Gartner predicting mobile advertising to be worth $1.56 bn by 2013, it is high time Google got in on the act.

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