Flyers Beginning To Trust More In Mobile Boarding Passes?

Flyers Beginning To Trust More In Mobile Boarding Passes?

boarding-passEvery person getting ready to take a flight has a routine, making sure they have their passport, their luggage and more importantly their travel documents.

Instead of making sure their boarding pass is safely tucked away, many travellers are turning to mobile boarding passes in an effort to remove the hassle from taking a flight.

Trinity Mobile, an industry leader in mobile ticketing, announced their highest sustained year-on-year growth of airline passengers using their mobile boarding passes, an increase of 1200% on the previous year.

Issuing just 50,000 mobile passes in 2008, Trinity Mobile sent out over 600,000 mobile passes to customers flying with Austrian Airlines and British Midlands (BMI) via text message in 2009.

Trinity Mobile have said the huge increase has come from little or no direct sales push, instead travellers are simply choosing to take advantage of a small barcode sent to their phone instead of printing the details at home and taking them with them to the airport.

According to Juniper Research’s 2010 Mobile Ticketing Report, it is expected that over 15 billion mobile tickets will be issued across a wide range of industries worldwide by 2014, up from the 2 billion expected to be delivered this year.

Whilst it only accounts for a small proportion of the total amount of boarding passes issued and used each day, mobile ticketing campaigns make it easier to cancel and re-arrange flight plans as the re-issuing of tickets is almost instant.

Suddenly I want to be part of the increasing trend of flyers who are happy to let technology streamline their travel plans.

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