There Are 83,000 Mobile Touch Shopping Websites, Are You Using Them?

There Are 83,000 Mobile Touch Shopping Websites, Are You Using Them?

img-0433Did you know there are 326,000 mobile touch websites, more than the number of apps across all app stores, 83,000 of these being e-commerce sites?

In a world that is full of downloadable apps, it’s easy to forget about how many websites there are specifically designed for touch devices.

Since Taptu began indexing the mobile web back in 2007, they have have been in a position to see first hand how mobile-optimized content has grown, evolved and matured. Offering both iPhone and Android applications, it boasts the world’s first search service specifically for touch devices and the touch web.

Today, Taptu has published it’s second report, focusing on shopping and services, with the aim of helping businesses realize the potential of touch commerce websites.

Taptu noticed that the majority of “Touch Commerce” websites found were grouped into three categories:

“Touch Sweet Spot” Sites

These sites would be designed to mimic the functionality and look of the phone from which it was viewed. Buttons and navigation through the websites would appear like it was a dedicated app on the device.

“True Touch Innovator” Sites

A website would push the boundaries of what would be expected on a touchscreen device, offering almost desktop browser functionality.

“Lack Of Imagination” Sites.

These websites would incorporate no specific touch features at all, serving more as a brochure than a website.

The most popular shopping sites found by Taptu on the mobile touch web were related to business and real estate, together comprising over 40% of all mobile touch commerce websites.

Taptu realises that the mobile touch web redefines how users are engaging with brands and reinforce the importance of businesses developing specific strategies to engage consumers. To help businesses, Taptu developed key recommendations for businesses who wanted to develop a functional and successful mobile touch website:

  • Intelligent: sites should be location aware and multi-faceted in order to become a reliable and dependable tool.
  • Easy to use: sites should have guided navigation and intelligent data harvesting so consumers can seamlessly and easily navigate.
  • Engaging: sites should be content heavy yet have a light-weight page size to maintain consumer interest but not overwhelm them.
  • Transaction: sites should provide consumers completion or point of completion so they can accomplish tasks on the go.

Taptu continue to index and evaluate the growing number of specifically designed websites for touch screen mobile devices, displaying them within their iPhone and Android applications.

I was quite surprised to see just how many touch specific websites there were inside the app, with the increase of touch enabled phones you will only see more companies making their website touch enabled.

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