Your Old Windows Mobile Phone Will Get No Windows 7 Series Love

Your Old Windows Mobile Phone Will Get No Windows 7 Series Love

win_7_phoneWe all guessed it, but now we know it. If you have a current Windows Mobile phone, you will not be able to upgrade your current phone to the Windows Phone 7 Series firmware.

Given that the new OS is a full, complete refresh, this is hardly surprising. The hardware is designed to do something completely different and separate. When you design it for x, it does not always work with y.

This will of course disappoint the current users of Windows Mobile who were perhaps drooling over the new operating system, while dreading the upgrade price of a new phone. The cheap route has been closed.

Microsoft will of course anticipate higher hardware upgrade rates from current users now that new hardware must be purchased to be on the cutting edge of Microsoft mobile technology.

If you have missed the entire story, Microsoft has grown tired of being a joke in the mobile market, and is moving towards a fresh Zune HD inspired interface and modern app capabilities. The devices are expected to come in three formats and be released in time for the coming holiday season.

Inital reviews have been positive. We just might see Microsoft regain some mind-share in the market, at least among people with its newest phones.

Thanks to Engadget for the image.

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