eBay Launches Official Free Android App

eBay Launches Official Free Android App

4366078110_7e2f24fb85_meBay.com has officially launched it’s own Android application to the Android Market, possibly spelling the end for the large number of unofficial eBay apps available for Android users.

The app, available by searching ‘eBay’ on the Android Market, is currently only available for devices running the Android 1.6 firmware. It allows users to watch, bid, search, buy, pay, and check status of their eBay activity on the go and as with most Android apps, it also features voice-to-text search.

The official eBay app will alert you about your auctions, provide status updates for sellers and also allow users to submit feedback.

As mentioned above, it looks to spell the end for the glut of unofficial apps on the Android Market, although country specific apps may have a little more time until eBay dominate all regional demographics.

The most popular eBay app until the release of the official software was PKT Auctions, released for free to all users on the Android Market. As the official app only supports Android firmware 1.6 and above (I run the 1.5 firmware on my HTC Hero) and looks to only support the US eBay market, PKT may find that they can continue to attract users who run a lower firmware version and up until the inevitable release of official country specific apps.


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