Windows Mobile 6.5 To Be Called: Windows Phone Classic

Windows Mobile 6.5 To Be Called: Windows Phone Classic

windows_mobile_logoIt was a tough race, but somehow “Windows 6.ThankGodForTheNewOS7” lost out to the upcoming moniker for that Windows Mobile 6.5.X phone you own, Windows Phone Classic.

Not that catchy, and deadly honest, the new name will come into effect when the new sexy Windows Phone 7 devices come into the world. Microsoft will continue to support Windows Mobile 6.5.X, to keep the eight people who do not jump ship for the new OS happy.

In all seriousness, 6.5.X is on the way out the door. Once Microsoft gets Windows Phone 7 out the door expect 6.5.X to be shunted into the closet like a bad memory from the past.

Cars from the ’40’s are ‘classic.’ However, unlike cars, old phones have little cachet.  Nice name to phase the old OS out with, and not much more.

As an aside, TNW US author Michael Klurfeld upon seeing a draft for this post declared that they should save time and just call Windows Mobile 6.5 from here on out “pulled from the shelves.”  Windows Phone Classic just sounds a little better, I think.

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