Android Just Doubled Its Market Share In Three Months – Palm Slid 25%

Android Just Doubled Its Market Share In Three Months – Palm Slid 25%

pre nexusWith the number of players that we now have in the global smartphone market, the battle for market share is becoming increasingly cutthroat.

If you want to grow faster than the product category as a whole, you have to take that market share from someone else. Lose too much market share, and your products just might be marginalized to nothing.

For the quarter ending in December 2009, versus the preceding three months, Android (Google’s offering) jumped from 2.5% to 5.2%. That equates to a 108% rise in just three months.

That was the good news. On the other side of the aisle, much of that gained market share seemed to come at the expense of Palm, which slid from 8.3 to 6.1%. It is not hard to see the market share lines for Palm and Android crossing soon.

Assuming a one to one correlation between the loss of Palm market share to Google’s market share bucket, the 0.9% difference could happen in a month. Not good news for the struggling Palm.

I still view the Pre as a strong product offering. My lovely girlfriend has one, and despite her being a complete non-techy, she loves the gadget. That is a pure aside however, if Palm cannot excite sales it matters little if their hardware is quality or not.

Microsoft and RIM both lost a single percentage point while Apple added 1.2% in the quarter.

Full data via ComScore:

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