The JooJoo Enters Production – Will Support Flash

The JooJoo Enters Production – Will Support Flash

joo-joo-tablet_3If you have ordered a JooJoo, and the company is claiming that many of you have, they will begin to ship this month.

The much beleaguered JooJoo, both the brainchild and bastard stepson of Michael Arrington, was never a sure bet. It began life as an idea, and morphed through the annals of design and manufacture into a product completely apart from TechCrunch.

When news broke that Arrington was no longer with the project, many speculated that no tablet would ever come into existence from the previous labors. JooJoo promised different, and is now making good on those promises. Just to make the cement even more solid, JooJoo has announced a partnership with OEM CSL Group that will give them the manufacturing arm that they need.

The JooJoo will ship, and in my humble opinion, is a neat little device. With its full support of Flash and the full internet on a larger screen than the iPad (it has a 12.1 inch screen), I can watch Hulu on my couch at last without my laptop or television.

While the JooJoo still lacks compared to the iPad, in battery life most noticeably (the JooJoo has five hours, the iPad ten), the company claims that orders for the device rose after the iPad announcement. If you are unfamiliar with the device, you can check out the specifications here.

Of course, TechCrunch is still promising litigation over the device, so its future seems to be questionable yet. For now, if you were looking for a tablet, this might be it.

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