This smart watch is actually a Raspberry Pi computer running Windows 98

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Running Windows 98 from your browser is pretty rad, but did you know you can boot the legendary operation system straight from your self-made smart watch? One recreational inventor has managed to do precisely that and now you can too – all you need is a Raspberry Pi.

Giving in to his sense of nostalgia, self-proclaimed amateur tech-maker 314REACTOR set out to put his Raspberry Pi Model A+ to use and built an improvised smart watch powered by Windows 98.

In addition to the Pi, the DIY watch also packs a 2.4-inch touchscreen, a modest 1,000 mAh battery as well as a simple on and off switch. But you will need a few more things to complete the entire assemblage.

Since Windows 98 isn’t readily available for Raspberry Pi, the crafty Redditor resorted to emulating the system via popular virtual machine software QEMU.

As expected, running a desktop operating system on a tiny DIY watch barely makes for a smooth performance, but you can still pull off playing some games on the device.

314REACTOR says he managed to get Minesweeper running – though it was pretty sluggish. He also has plans to try playing Doom.

Here are a few more photos of the Windows 98 wrist watch:

Head to this page for more details and tips on how you can put together your very own Windows-powered smart watch.

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