Windows 10 Creators Update will reportedly arrive in April

Windows 10 Creators Update will reportedly arrive in April

When Microsoft announced its upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 last October, the company didn’t say when in 2017 users would be able to get their hands on it, along with new features for 3D content creation, game broadcasting and connecting with your contacts.

Now, MSPoweruser reports that it’s slated to arrive in April, with build number 1704. Like the previous Anniversary Update, it’ll likely be rolled out gradually, with an option to update manually on demand.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the OS will also get support for Windows Holographic, which is Microsoft’s platform for low-cost VR headsets that will be built by third-party hardware makers and introduced for as little as $299 – a lot less than current-gen offerings from HTC and Oculus.

To that end, Lenovo showed its upcoming Windows-based headset to Engadget today. The device will weigh roughly 350g (about 100g lighter than the Oculus Rift) and feature dual 1440 x 1440 pixel OLED screens, as well as two cameras on the outer front panel to allow for room-scale tracking without the need for additional hardware. It’s scheduled to launch sometime this year with a price under $400.

Credit: Edgar Alvarez (Engadget)

The Creators Update will also likely bring some handy features spotted in the leaked 14997 build from last month, such as an option to reduce blue light a la a F.lux, an Xbox Game Mode that will free up system memory to enable better gaming performance, and improved app organization in the Start Menu. It’ll be interesting to see if the company can fit the update in a package that’s 35 percent smaller than before, as it promised last November.

Windows 10 Creators Update set to be released on April 2017 on MSPoweruser

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