‘Microsoft Teams’ is the next Slack competitor (probably)

‘Microsoft Teams’ is the next Slack competitor (probably)

Slack took workplace conversation by storm, and after Facebook just released its take on the concept, now Microsoft is looking to for its own piece of the market. A report by MSPoweruser suggests that the company is set to unveil “Microsoft Teams” next week.


We’ve known it was coming for a while now. The app, which was previously known as Skype Teams, looks a fair bit like Slack from the leaked images, but with Office, Outlook and OneDrive integration – not to mention some Skype-style emoji and stickers. The product is pretty much a given at this point; you can go visit teams.microsoft.com right now, you just can’t access it without login credentials.

Microsoft is hosting an event in New York on November 2nd – yes, in addition to the Windows 10 event happening tomorrow – aimed around collaboration. That sounds like an awfully good theme for revealing a Slack competitor. We’ll be reporting on the ground, so stay tuned for more.

Microsoft’s Slack competitor might be called ‘Microsoft Teams’ on MSPoweruser

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