Microsoft is testing ‘snooze’ reminders in Edge and deprecating old Insider builds

Microsoft is testing ‘snooze’ reminders in Edge and deprecating old Insider builds

Microsoft just released its latest Insider build of Windows 10 to the fast ring. The most notable feature is a newfangled ability to ‘snooze’ tabs in Edge so that Cortana nags you to read them later.

The idea is that many people – including yours truly – open up a myriad of tabs as a sort of to-do list for things they want to get back to later. Problem is, then you forget about them because you’re drowning in a see of tabs approximately two pixels wide.

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Fret no more, Edge in build 14926 lets you insert a site into a Cortana reminder that will then pop up as a notification and stick itself to the Action Center so you can go back to it later. That’ll come in handy next time you need to remind yourself to pay your phone bill but get distracted watching cat videos instead.

The other notable piece of news is that Microsoft is starting to deprecate ‘really old’ Insider builds – in other words, anything from before the Anniversary Update:

Starting tomorrow September 15th, PCs running really old Insider Preview builds will start to see build expiration notifications once a day. Then on October 1st, these PCs will start rebooting every 3 hours and then on October 15th – these PCs will stop booting all together.

There are a few other tidbits in today’s update, so head on over to the Windows blog for more.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14926 for PC and Mobile on Windows Blog

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