OneNote can now do your math homework for you

OneNote can now do your math homework for you

OneNote for Windows 10 is getting a few nifty updates today that should make it a much more powerful tool for the budding mathematicians out there.

The biggest update is arguably the new Ink math assistant. It not only converts your handwritten equations into text, but also solves them.

Of course, it wouldn’t exactly be very helpful if it simple gave you the answers to all your equations, so the tool will also teach you how to solve the problems step by step. It’s a follow up on Microsoft’s recent Editor feature in Word, which coaches you on grammar and style tips using artificial intelligence.

Another cool feature is the ability to replay your notes step by step. It’s useful following a sequence of notes, such as understanding the order of operations in a math problem, or recalling your train of thought after a brainstorming session.

But my favorite feature is the one that previously announced in July, and doesn’t actually do anything really productive: you can choose from a new set of ink effects, including rainbow, galaxy, gold, and silver. You notes have never looked so pretty.


The features are rolling out to Office 365 subscribers now. For those who want to try out Office features sooner, the company is now adding a ‘fast’ tier to its Insider program, at the expense of a higher risk for glitches and bugs.

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