Anyone can buy a Microsoft HoloLens now, no sign-up required

Microsoft first released HoloLens back in March, but it was a relatively small batch limited to developers. Now anyone can buy one – no sign up required.

The news coincides with the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which technically applies to the HoloLens too (and the Xbox).

With the update, Microsoft is introducing some features for the enterprise with a new ‘Commercial Suite.’ These include:

Keep in mind, Microsoft still calls this a ‘Development Edition,’ which means it doesn’t consider HoloLens to be ready for consumer primetime yet (which is good, because it’s not). Still, it’s neat that you can buy one if you happen to have $3,000 lying around – it could really up your Pokemon Go game.

You can order one (or up to five) now at hololens.com

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