You have 1 day left to not be dumb and upgrade to Windows 10

You have 1 day left to not be dumb and upgrade to Windows 10

A PSA for everyone not on Windows 10 yet: You have until July 29 to upgrade – and you really should.

Windows 10 has been available just under a year now, meaning its initial free upgrade promotion is running out.  After July 29 (to be precise, 5:59 AM ET on July 30), you’ll have to pay a heft $120 if you want to upgrade. It’s unlikely Microsoft will offer another free promotion anytime soon, if ever.

Sure, the OS has its problems, but it’s by and large superior to Windows 7 and and 8 (lol).

Of course, if you’ve had some fundamental reservation about it since the outset – there are certainly privacy issues to consider – then you probably won’t change your mind now. That’s cool. You do you, we won’t judge.

But if you’ve only been holding back due to laziness, now’s the time to upgrade. The bottom line is that it’s it’s faster, safer, and sleeker than 7 or 8 – and the Anniversary Update next week adds meaningful improvements on all those fronts.

Most importantly, Windows 10 is supposed to be the ‘last’ version of Windows. If Microsoft is true to its word, there won’t ever be a Windows 11, and certainly not for the foreseeable future, as Windows 10 will continuously receive small updates over time.

Basically, you’re missing out on free lifetime updates to an already solid OS you’ll have to upgrade to eventually anyway – whether by getting a new computer or paying up – and that’s just a waste of money.

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