Microsoft’s new Skype Meetings tool makes video conferencing dead simple

Microsoft is launching a free tool to simplify video conference calls. Called Skype Meetings, it’s largely similar to using the traditional Skype app, but with few features that make it easier to set up video calls and collaborate with your coworkers.

The person initiating the meeting is the only one with a bit of a set up process. They’ll have to visit and register to use the tool, a process which should take just a minute or two.

Once set up, they can easily add members to a call simply by sharing a link with them. All participants need is a browser.

Skype Meetings 2

Aside from the standard HD video and voice capabilities, the app also lets you share your screen and use a virtual laser pointer or whiteboard. The meeting organizer can also mute all other microphones to make sure they’re being heard.

Up to 10 people can join a meeting for the first 60 days. After that, the free tier only allows 3 participants – you’ll have to sing up for Office 365 for more.

Unfortunately, the feature is US only for now – no word on other regions yet.

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