Microsoft shows Apple some love in new holiday ad

Microsoft shows Apple some love in new holiday ad

There are few business rivalries more iconic than Microsoft versus Apple, and definitely not in the world of tech. But that doesn’t mean the two companies aren’t willing to hug it out in the spirit of the holidays.

Microsoft has a new ad for showing its employees flanked by a local youth choir walking over from its brand new 5th avenue store in New York over to Apple’s iconic cube store – located just a couple of blocks away (you can read our comparison of the two here).

The crew is singing ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth,’ a not-so-subtle allusion to the companies’ long held rivalry. Sure, it’s cutesy marketing fluff, but it’s also a nice reminder even the biggest rivals can shed the heat for the holidays.

Microsoft spreads the spirit of the season on 5th Ave (TV Commercial) [YouTube via The Verge]


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