Microsoft says no Edge browser add-ons until 2016

Microsoft says no Edge browser add-ons until 2016

Do you use your browser straight, or do you require bells and whistles? If the answer is the latter, then you may want to hold off on Microsoft Edge, the new lightweight Windows 10 browser.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is holding off implementing extensions for the new browser until next year:

We’re committed to providing customers with a personalized web experience, which is why bringing extensions to Microsoft Edge continues to be a high priority. We’re actively working to develop a secure extension model to make the safest and most reliable browser for our customers, and look forward to sharing more in a future Windows 10 update in 2016.

Edge is designed as a swift consumer browser that is destined to replace the much-maligned Internet Explorer for most people. A new engine, coupled with features like WebNotes that let you draw on a Web page, are useful additions.

Not having popular add-ons may slow adoption of Edge, especially for users who depend on certain extensions for their professional work. The fact that the company has not given a target date for adding them, is a bit discouraging. Lack of extension support is seen as one of the browsers’ greatest weaknesses, compared with Chrome and Firefox.

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