Skype URLs make it ridiculously easy to video chat with anyone, no account needed

Skype is making a small but important change that will make video and voice calls a lot more accessible: You can now invite anyone to a conversation with a simple URL, and they don’t even need to have the app installed or own a Skype account.

To receive a conversation URL, you can just click the ‘+New’ button on the latest versions of Skype for Windows, Mac or on the Web. Once the recipient opens up the link, they’ll be asked to input their name, and then they’re ready to start chatting.


It’s a seamless process, and it could enable a lot of spontaneous group conversations. Removing the need for the account sign-up process or app download means just about anyone should be able to start a video or voice call (or plain old IM conversation) when they might’ve otherwise been deterred.

For Microsoft, of course, it could have the added benefit of getting more people to sign eventually sign up for skype.

The sharing feature is currently only available in the US and the UK, but will be rolling out everywhere “over the next couple of weeks.”

A new, easier way to start a Skype conversation and invite anyone to join [Skype]

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