Microsoft to announce its next Windows 10 hardware on October 6

Microsoft to announce its next Windows 10 hardware on October 6

If you’ve wanted to hear more about the Surface Pro 4, it looks like you won’t have to wait much longer; Microsoft is sending out press invites for an event on October 6.

The invite is sparse on details, but we expect the newest Surface device(s) to be announced, as well as the first official Windows 10 Phone hardware. After all, it’s been nearly a year and a half since the Surface Pro 3 was released, and the mobile version of Windows 10 was due to be launched a few months after the desktop OS.

Jumping fully into rumor zone, leaks have suggested Microsoft will announce two new high-end phones: the 5.2-inch screen Lumia 950 and the 5.7-inch 950 XL. Specs are similar with 3GB of RAM, a 20MP camera, QHD resolution and 32GB of storage (microSD expandable).

The XL jumps a little ahead, however, with a slightly faster Qualcomm 810 processor (there’s an 808 in the smaller model) and support for Microsoft’s Surface Pen technology.

They will also ship with USB-C charging ports, though there have been no reports on whether the port can be used for more than power.

There haven’t been as many leaks about the Surface Pro 4, but at the very least you can expect the tablet to feature Intel’s new Skylake processors, which should help improve battery life and gaming performance in particular. Rumors have suggested Microsoft might release two Surface tablets

Meanwhile, it’s also likely Microsoft will announce the update to its Microsoft Band fitness tracker and smartwatch.

The event will take place in New York City at 10AM ET. We’ll be in attendance, so stay tuned here for all the news.

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