Windows 10 tries to make you pay to play Solitaire

Windows 10 tries to make you pay to play Solitaire

I hate the future.

Windows 10, which was released yesterday, includes an update to a number of Microsoft’s card games previously included for free in Windows.

The new versions of Freecell and Solitaire are bundled in an app called “Microsoft Solitaire Collection” and seem free at first, but actually ask you to pay a monthly fee to get all the features after your first game.

That’s right, you’ll need to pony up $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year to remove the advertisements, get more coins in game and a special “boost” to make it easier.

In-app purchases are common in mobile games. Candy Crush and TwoDots have made insane amounts of money from simply making people buy items in-game.

Charging for card games that were formerly free is ridiculous, yet nobody at Microsoft thought about how much it’d upset their moms when they’re asked to pay to remove advertising in their favorite game.

The new app was available in Windows 8, but wasn’t bundled as part of the operating system until Windows 10’s release.

Remember when games came for free with your computer and didn’t ask for anything more? Next they’ll be making us pay to use the calculator!

Spotted via Richard Stanton

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