Twitch for Xbox One updated with personalized homescreen, VOD and game directories

Twitch for Xbox One updated with personalized homescreen, VOD and game directories

Fans of Twitch that also rock an Xbox One will be happy to find out that the game-streaming video service was just updated on their console of choice in a big way.

The update adds a customizable homepage giving gamers the option to follow the games they enjoy viewing. This new feature is in addition to the current ability to follow broadcasters. This also leads to the next new feature, a directory of games on the service with expanded filtering and sorting. now you can find the best player of a game by using the drop-down filtering options.

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The update also brings the ability to watch video on demand (VOD) of streams you’ve missed. Twitch says this is the first time this capability has come to one of its apps.

The video on demand feature will be rolling out to channel pages. Twitch says that bringing VOD to an app is the start of a new service that will eventually bring those saved videos everywhere with a “majority of VOD content added to the program by early 2015.” PlayStation owners don’t fret, the feature will also be rolled out to other platforms in 2015, including iOS and Android.

Twitch says all Xbox One games will support advanced directories at launch with Minecraft, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Forza Horizon 2 having expanded features.

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