Microsoft reports 10 million Xbox One sales

Microsoft reports 10 million Xbox One sales

With a number of big new titles for the Xbox One launching in the past few weeks, Microsoft reported today that sales of the console are about to hit 10 million to retailers.

The last time Microsoft shared numbers about Xbox One sales were back in April, when it announced the console had reached 5 million sales. Sony, however, announced that the PS4 had sold 10 Million consoles in August and had reached 13 million by September 30.

Sony’s console has featured a number of major exclusives in the last year which have likely helped with sales, including a deal that blocked Microsoft from advertising Bungie’s Destiny game, despite it being available for the Xbox One.

As Microsoft has released a number of new, exclusive games for the Xbox One like Halo and Sunset Overdrive over the last few weeks, so we’d expect that sales will start to accelerate ahead of the holiday season.

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