Microsoft Diversity Report: 71% male and admits ‘much work remains to be done’

Microsoft Diversity Report: 71% male and admits ‘much work remains to be done’

But with a workforce that’s now 29 percent woman, the company is doing better than last year according to an internal email obtained by ZDnet.

The email from Microsoft Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Lisa Brummel states that the percentage of woman in the tech company’s workforce grew from 24 to 29 ver the past year. The email also cites the rise in female and minority senior executives from 24 to 27 percent and that the Microsoft board is now 40 percent female and minority compared to 33 precent a year ago.

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The company also launched a diversity site today that breaks down its workforce gender and ethnicity. In addition to being 71 percent male, the overall company is 60.6 percent Caucasian, 28.9 percent Asian, 5.1 percent Hispanic/Latino, 3.5 percent African American/Black, with the remaining 2 percent identifying as multi-racial, American Indian/Alaska Native and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

And like Apple, Twitter and Facebook, Microsoft says that work remains to be done:

Have we made progress? Yes, we certainly have, and I am proud of the progress we have made. But we can all agree that much work remains to be done to increase the diversity of our company and the tech industry.

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