Microsoft confirms the Windows Phone Store has over 300,000 apps

Microsoft confirms the Windows Phone Store has over 300,000 apps

Microsoft today updated its by the Numbers webpage to note that the Windows Phone Store has now passed 300,000 apps, as pointed out by WPCentral. We reached out to the company to confirm the figure.

“We have more than 300,000 Windows Phone apps today and the Windows Phone Store continues to grow,” a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed with TNW. “In the past year alone the Windows and Windows Phone app catalog has grown 94%, while the number of active developers has grown by 50%.”


When asked when exactly the milestone was reached, we were told the data “is as of end of June 2014.” The Windows Phone Store hit 100,000 apps in June 2012 and then 200,000 apps in December 2013, so growth is certainly accelerating. In short, another 100,000 apps were uploaded in just six months.

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