Microsoft teases Kinect’s refreshed look for Windows v2

Microsoft teases Kinect’s refreshed look for Windows v2

In November last year, Microsoft started delivering Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview kits to developers — building up expectations for the next-generation version of Kinect to land soon. Today it took the wraps off the hardware’s final look.

The sensor is pretty similar to the Kinect for Xbox One, but it says “Kinect” on the top panel while the Xbox Nexus — the green “X” — has been dropped in favor of a simple power indicator. In the meantime, the hub accepts three connections: the sensor, USB 3.0 output to PC, and power. Microsoft notes that the power cables will differ according to regions, but the power supply itself supports voltages from 100–240 volts.

There’s still no word on when the next generation of Kinect for Windows will launch, but showing off the visuals hints that it could land very soon.

Revealing Kinect for Windows v2 hardware [Kinect Blog]

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