HP says it’s not dropping Windows 8, despite promoting its Windows 7 product range

HP says it’s not dropping Windows 8, despite promoting its Windows 7 product range

HP is closing out a week in which it garnered significant attention for promoting Windows 7 PCs, by reinforcing its commitment to Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 platform.

The PC-maker’s campaign to bring Windows 7 “back by popular demand,” sparked comments that it was funneling attention into the dated Microsoft platform because customers are rejecting Windows 8. HP says that couldn’t be further from the truth, and it reiterated its commitment to offering customers a choice of both systems in a blog post.

Whether you’ve been reading the tech news blogs – or just saw an ad on our HP Shopping page, you’ve probably been asking yourself, “Why is HP selling Windows 7 PCs in a Windows 8 world?” The answer is dead simple: Choice. We like giving our customers the option to get the computer that’s right for them.


ZDNet shot down some of the dramatic reporting when it noted that the company offers just five PCs running Windows 7, compared to 68 running Windows 8 or 8.1. Adding to that, HP says that these five machines are all also available running Windows 8.

“We want people to be happy with our computers – whichever option they choose – BUT WE ARE NOT DROPPING WINDOWS 8,” the company explained.

Ultimately, it’s no surprise that HP is not discarding Windows 8 — but nonetheless this Windows 7 campaign has gone better than HP could ever have imagined.

By waiting a few days before issuing comment to clear the air, it snagged a huge amount of media attention which may well have increased sales. It’s all the more impressive when considering was no mainstream advertising push, and all that HP did was to create new Windows 7 copy for its website.

Headline image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, HP screenshot image via The Verge

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