Microsoft says it’s being ‘very transparent’ in republishing mobile websites as ‘Web Apps’

Microsoft says it’s being ‘very transparent’ in republishing mobile websites as ‘Web ...

Microsoft has said that the publishing of other companies’ mobile websites as standalone “Microsoft Web Apps” in the Windows Phone Store is a completely transparent move that most websites owners will welcome, although it will remove any of them if requested.

Web Apps drive more people to the company’s own website experience, as designed for mobile browsing, so we don’t anticipate many objections. We will move quickly to resolve any takedown requests we receive. Website owners are welcome to contact us at We’re being very transparent about what these apps are by publishing under the “Microsoft Web Apps” name and clearly describing them as website accessories in the descriptions.”

The comments, given to TNW by a spokesperson for Microsoft today, refer to the removal of some of the repackaged websites from the Store, like Southwest Airline’s, after the people in charge were none too pleased at finding their content being redistributed in this way, as reported by Neowin.

We’re none too sure what “website accessories” means as a term, though.

Update: A spokesperson for Microsoft has been in touch again with an additional line of comment: “WebApps are an easy way to better connect our customers with popular websites through a good application-based experience, but we are also working with content owners to address any concerns they may raise.”

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